NAMESPACE: Bootstrap/Views

BootstrapView extends BootstrapComponent implements BootstrapViewInterface

Class BootstrapView

public properties
$model namespace The model instance. It is responsible for querying and storing data and also provides useful utility methods for variables, sessions and validation.
$components namespace The main component instance. This class provides access to the other components in the current module.
$colors Includes an array of colors defined for the app / branch / action array ( [text_color] => "#FF000000", [icon_color] => "#FF000000", [background_color] => "#FFCFD8DC", [button_text] => "#FF000000", [dark_button_text] => "#FFFFFFFF", [top_bar_text_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [top_bar_icon_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [button_more_info_color] => "#FF000000", [button_more_info_icon] => "#FFFFFFFF", [button_more_info_icon_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [button_more_info_text_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [item_text_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [top_bar_color] => "#FFD32F2F", [button_color] => "#FF536DFE", [item_color] => "#FFFFCDD2", [button_icon_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [button_text_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [side_menu_color] => "#FFFFFFFF", [side_menu_text_color] => "#FF000000" )
$menuid var The current menu id if set. Use $this->getMenuId() instead of accessing this property directly.
$actionid var Id for the current action as is known only for this particular user.
$data namespace Data sent by the controller. Should not be accessed directly, instead use the getData() method.
$layout namespace This object contains the layout data that will be passed to the client. It should contain 4 arrays named - divs, header, scroll and footer. Each one of those arrays will contain the components that will be rendered in this part of the screen.
$color_text_color var
$color_icon_color var
$color_background_color var
$color_button_text var
$color_top_bar_text_color var
$color_top_bar_icon_color var
$color_button_more_info_color var
$color_button_more_info_icon_color var
$color_button_more_info_text_color var
$color_item_text_color var
$color_top_bar_color var
$color_button_color var
$color_item_color var
$color_button_text_color var
$color_side_menu_color var
$color_side_menu_text_color var
$color_topbar_hilite var
$bottom_menu_id var Id of the bottom app menu
$bottom_menu_json bool Bottom menu json code is saved here. Normally you shouldn't need to access this directly.
$transparent_statusbar bool Whether status bar has been sent to transparent. This means that the view starts from the very top.
$hide_default_menubar bool Whether default menubar is hidden.
$phone_statusbar bool Whether phone's statusbar is shown. Combined with transparent statusbar, this will affect custom top bars.
$ios bool Client is iphone
$android bool Client is android
$notch bool Device has the "notch" design (iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, Iphone XS Max
public function getBottomMenu()

Returns bottom menu. Bottom menu is defined in the web admin.

public function tab1()

All views must define at least tab1() to return any data. Explanation of different sections: header — non-scrolling element on top of the view scroll — main layout section which scrolls footer — non-scrolling element at the bottom of the view onload — any actions to be performed when view is activated. This should be fed only with OnClick items loadonce — will be performed only once during the session (onclicks) onexit — onclicks to be performed when exiting the view control — similar to onload, but the command is executed only once after refresh action divs — Any divs that are part of the view. Note that divs can be also be defined outside of the tab1, inside a function called divs()

public function setViewData($data)