Appzio PHPLibrary2

This is a bootstrap library for developing actions for Appzio using PHP. It includes the needed shared libraries for different components. If you are developing for Appzio, contact to get your own server instance, sftp access and all the other related goodies. Please refer to for setting up your development environment.

Installing Yii

You don’t need the Yii installed, but it will make your life little bit easier if you are using a proper IDE. If you have composer installed and working (sorry, need to use without https, if its not enabled do “php composer.phar config secure-http false” first.) Simply do “php composer.phar install”.

Unit tests for your app

Good partner for this toolkit is the rest bootstrap library ( and iOS / Android application which is connected to your dev instance.


Documentation is inline and is also parsed to our documentation site where its searchable:

Included documentation.json is an output of

Creating a new action

In order to create a new action inside Appzio, please login to your web dashboard and navigate to https://{your_server}/en/aedev/extension/index or choose the settings icon from the top right hand corner and navigate to “For Developers” section.

Trouble shooting

Please refer to online documentation. Most common cause for non-working actions is incorrectly defined namespaces.