NAMESPACE: Bootstrap/Controllers

BootstrapController implements BootstrapControllerInterface

public properties
$view namespace The view instance. Views are responsible for returning the layout of the app dependining on the information passed from the controller.
$model namespace The model instance. Models are used to query and save data to storage. They also provide access to variable, session, validation and other utility methods.
$router BootstrapRouter The router class instance. The router is responsible for instantiating the controller and the view.
$current_tab var Current active tab
$action_name mixed Active action name
$playid var Currently logged user id
$onloads var Array of actions that should be triggered when the application loads. These can vary but making a refresh on load can cause an infinite loop.
$no_output Set this to true to suppress output (for async operations)
public function actionDefault()

Default entry point for controllers

public function viewError()
public function getMenuId()

Return current menu id if set

public function collectLocation()

Collects location once

public function actionFlushroutes()