NAMESPACE: Bootstrap/Components/ClientComponents


public function getTimer($content,$parameters,$styles)


$content - unix time
      $array = array(
         'timer_id' => 'timer1',  // this is needed if your app uses more than one timer. Timers retain time even when they are not visible.
         'mode'   => 'countdown', // other option: countup
         'submit_menu_id' => 'submitname', // once timer ends, this menu command is called
         'id' => 'mycustomid',
         'variable' => 'variablename' // variable name used in submission,
         "date_started":"1552650452", // important, this is needed for countup
         "format":"%d : %02h : %02m : %02s (seconds|second)",
         "oncomplete":[{"action":"submit-form-content", "id":"timercompleted"}] // if this is defined,
                               the default refesh is not called. Ie. you can do async implementation.
$styles param array $styles please see the link for more information about parameters