NAMESPACE: Bootstrap/Components/ClientComponents


public function getComponentFormFieldText($field_content,$parameters,$styles)


$field_content string, no support for line feeds
      $array = array(
           'selected_state',            // name of style class to use when field is in focus
           'variable',                  // attached variable, used for submit & when setting values
           'onclick',                   // array or single object of onclicks
           'style'                      // style class name
           'hint' => 'hint text',
           'height' => '40',
           'submit_menu_id' => 'someid', // shows submit button on the keyboad
           'maxlength', => '80',        // maximum number of characters
           'input_type' => 'text',      // can be also number, email, phone etc.  password uses different field
           'activation' => 'initially'  // initially or keep-open,
           'empty' => '1'               // whether the field should be empty and not use submitted value
$styles param array $styles please see the link for more information about parameters