NAMESPACE: Bootstrap/Components/AppzioUiKit/Listing


public function uiKitListItem($title,$description,$parameters,$styles)

This component would return a generic and highly customizable listing item. Using the $parameters array you could customize the component in several ways [time_format] Use this if passing a timestamp to the component

[left_icon] Define a left image

[right_icon] Define a right image ( this is especially useful in case you need to indicate that the item is clickable )

[date_icon] If a $description is passed, when set, the “date_icon” image would appear in front if

[divider] ( true / false ) Visualize a bottom border for the component

The component support several controls – “id” – useful in case you would need to hide and show the element in certain cases – “visibility” – hidden / visible – “onclick” – assign a click event for your component – “swipe_right” – add an array items, which would appear as you swipe the component to the right


private function uiKitListDescriptionItems($description)