NAMESPACE: packages/actionMexample/Models

Model extends BootstrapModel

Default model for the action. It has access to all data provided by the BootstrapModel.

public properties
$validation_errors This variable doesn't actually need to be declared here, but but here for documentation's sake. Validation erorr is an array where validation errors are saved and can be accessed by controller, view and components.
public function getFieldList()

Gets a list of configuration fields from the web form configuration. These are used by the view.

public function getCountry()

Active selected country for the phone number field

public function savePage1()

Save to variables. Called by controller if there are no validation errors.

public function validatePage1()

Will do a basic validation for all submitted variables and save any errors to validation_errors. Validation errors are read by the field components directly, so that they can display error version of the field along with the validation message. Notice how all validation errors are defined as translation strings making it easy to localize the application.

public function closeLogin($dologin)

This is a special function for registration, which sets required variables to complete registration and closes the login branch. After registration is completed it will close both login and registration actions. You can the use branch triggering by setting your home branch to trigger when logged_in is set to 1. Login branch is defined in the action’s configuration.