This is the admin interface configuration for the action. All configuration options are easily available under model as $this->getConfigParam('param_name');

NOTE: all fields are named config[yourfieldname], nothing else will work. You can invent any field names, these are available when rendering the view (under views/)

IMPORTANT: make sure to define your action's shortname

supported field types, uses Yii Booster, this would be your best source of information:

'text' => 'textFieldRow', 'password' => 'passwordFieldRow', 'textarea' => 'textAreaRow', 'file' => 'fileFieldRow', 'radio' => 'radioButtonRow', 'checkbox' => 'checkBoxRow', 'listbox' => 'dropDownListRow', 'dropdownlist' => 'dropDownListRow', 'checkboxlist' => 'checkBoxListRow', 'radiolist' => 'radioButtonListRow',

//HTML5 types not supported in YiiBooster yet: render as textField 'url' => 'textFieldRow', 'email' => 'textFieldRow', 'number' => 'textFieldRow',

//'range'=>'activeRangeField', not supported yet 'date' => 'datepickerRow',

//new YiiBooster types 'captcha' => 'captchaRow', 'daterange' => 'dateRangeRow', 'redactor' => 'redactorRow', 'markdowneditor' => 'markdownEditorRow', 'uneditable' => 'uneditableRow', 'radiolistinline' => 'radioButtonListInlineRow', 'checkboxlistinline' => 'checkBoxListInlineRow', 'select2' => 'select2Row'